Beth & Will's Family Portraits at Home in Santa Barbara

Where it all starts... As a wedding photographer we are always honored and feel extraordinarily blessed to be apart of such a momentous day and occasion. But do you know what the real secret is that no one tells you? (Come real close and I'll whisper it to you)... Your wedding day isn't the happiest day of your life. BOOM! MIND BLOWN. Well then, what is you might ask? The birth of your child. Why? Because your child is truest and most tangible expression of your love. Your child is the mixed DNA of both bride and groom and is a living, breathing human that will forever be unconditionally loved by their parents. Your child makes your heart beat truer and truer for your spouse as they become more and more a manifestation of your love. SO... having said all that. We love not only taking pictures of a wedding day (because that's the day it all starts) but also photos of the truest expression of you, the family you create together.

We documented Will and Beth's wedding in 2010. As they have grown their family and life we have had the utmost pleasure of documenting their precious children and have loved watching them grow. The craziness of childhood is most fun to document as these little hafling's continue to morph and change before your eyes. And if you aren't careful, you will snap your fingers and POOF the child will be gone and an adult human will be what remains of your baby boy or girl. Let us capture this rare, magical occurrence of your child being a child so that it will be indelibly preserved. If a unicorn sighting occurs in a forest but isn't photographed, did it really happen?

Whitney & Garrett family portrait with newborn, Harrison

Jenna & Christian with their new baby, Caleb.

Henderson Family Pt. 1: Family Portraits + Maternity Photos

Molly, Joe & Hayes head to Lake Los Carneros in Goleta, CA for a fun and relaxed family & maternity photo shoot surrounded by the natural beauty of the preserve.

Henderson Family Pt. 2: Family Portraits with New Baby Girl, Juna

We bring Molly, Joe & Hayes to the stunning Elwood Bluffs in Goleta, CA for a celebatory family photo shoot for their new baby girl, Juna!