Good Things to Know About Your Photography Investment

Hi, I’m Anna Costa, Michael and I are excited to have an opportunity to share your big day with you! But before you decide there are a few things you should know...We have been in business long enough to know what makes a good, thought through decision on a photographer and what does not. So here are some tips on hiring a photographer. This applies whether you hire us or not!

  1. You need to connect with the photographer and get a good vibe with the person and their company. Many people might be talented photographers but terrible with people. Make sure you are vibing with your photographer because we can’t capture you genuinely if you don’t feel comfortable. So, get on the phone and talk to a real photographer that is living and breathing!

  2. You gotta love the work. You will be remembering your wedding through the lens (I’m so punny!) of your photographer for years to come. Your photos are the only thing you will take away from your wedding and it will go by FAST. So really and truly love what you are seeing and make sure their work is consistently good with more than just one good wedding and a styled shoot they photographed at a workshop to show you (yes, we’ve actually seen people show work they did at a workshop as their own!).

Our Unique Value


1. We have world class EDUCATION to back our work.

Michael attended the prestigious Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara and graduated with Honors. That means he has spent incalculable amounts of time in dark rooms, digital labs, doing painstaking technical assignments and enduring through painful feedback in "Crit" (critique class). His knowledge of photography has so much depth that he can out geek the nerdiest of photos enthusiasts. I was right by his side through those years and helped on countless assignments. And although I got my degree (at UCSB) separately, it just makes sense to trust a company that is headed up by a trained professional.


2. We shoot BOTH still photography FILM and DIGITAL.

That's right folks. We actually shoot on old school rolls of film (not to be confused with video). We know lighting like the back of our hand which is why we like to have the best tools for the best situations. Film is absolutely incredible for natural light. It soaks up the sun while preserving highlights. Film has a painterly quality and helps us really capture images in an natural and artful way. Digital on the other hand almost sees in the dark. We can shoot without artificial light long into the evening and still get that romantic candlelit smile as the bride steals a glance at her groom.


3. We know a thing or two about TIMING!

Yes, timing is absolutely key when it comes to helping our clients understand how long things take when shooting a wedding. We will walk you through, nay, handhold you through the timing aspects of the wedding day. We also make sure we have a detailed list of the posed family portraits so everyone agrees ahead of time and there is no long arduous process or fumbling around during your big day.


4. We offer high quality products WALL PRINTS and ALBUMS.

In the deluge of overnight digital photographers throwing up websites with promises of online downloads… we offer quality products that will see your photos in a different light than you could ever hope to get from your computer screen. Most of our packages include high end printed products and our online gallery offers various fine-art print options and sizes. Why? Because the other half of professional photography is professional editing and printing. And if you are hoping to have a few photos up on your walls, wouldn't you want them to reflect the thousands of dollars it took to capture them to begin with? You wouldn't paint a Ferrari with a regular can of paint would you? Your printed photos are the same way. We will make sure your memories are printed beautifully to begin with. As well, our online galleries are beautiful, user friendly and offer all of the utility and social media sharing options you’d expect from a modern photography business.


5. We are committed to HELPING as many couples as we can to find the RIGHT photographer.

Which is why we have more than one photographer option in our company. We will hear your needs and recommend the best photographer based on personality/style/and price point. Make sure you invest in a company that has abundant knowledge that can only be gained through experience, career longevity and whose work is regularly validated and REVERED in books, magazines and top wedding blogs. We have 5 star reviews on Yelp, Google, The Knot and WeddingWire. We will help curate a package/photographer that fits your needs so you’ll get the same 5 star experience our clients are raving about.



We work with the best of the best in our industry. We are here to help guide you to other wedding professionals that are like-minded and create rockstar teams. Since wedding planning is a one time learning curve we wouldn’t recommend taking your chances. We have great recommendations for the best wedding vendors.


7. We create images that are GENUINE, ARTFUL AND EASY.

The last thing you want is to look back at your wedding as a painful experience because nothing about your actual day was represented in your photos mired down with contrived posing, in-authentic setups. We strive to capture the day as it genuinely unfolds while adding a layer of artfulness. We do all this while also creating a calming ease and energy. That way you can actually remember your wedding as it happened… and maybe even with a little more fondness when seeing all of your beautiful memories preserved, but without the natural chaos of emotions and stress your big day.

8. We have a DETAILED POST PRODUCTION workflow that we adhere to on our clients’ entire collection of images.

That's' right. We study, edit and color correct every single image that you end up seeing in your final collection. It’s a lot of work, so it’s totally understandable why many photographers just send you the "out of camera" images and only do post production on the photos you purchase for printing or that will go in your album. They are probably the smart ones to be honest...! But we feel that your entire collection of images should reflect the images you saw of ours in our website galleries. We also want everything that gets shared online to reflect our high standards. It takes a lot of time, but we do it because we want your wedding pictures to be perfect.

9. We have BEEN AROUND for over 10 YEARS.

Michael and I started this business our last year of college and have been doing it ever since. We have seen photographers come and go in droves. But we have remained! What does this mean for you? It means we have seen every mistake, made every mistake and have fixed it all. We can anticipate our clients needs and have refined our systems over and over again. Often couples underestimate how important the experience of working with professionals from start to finish is. We offer impeccable service, world class imagery and our businesses success has stood the test of time to prove it.


10. We GENUINELY CARE about our clients and call many of them FRIENDS.

Over the years we have not only witnessed our clients getting married but also having children, buying houses, starting new ventures and businesses of their own. We have kept in touch with many and continue to document the newborn photos and family portraits for many of them. Our clients support not only our business but our family and that means the world to us.