We live in a little cottage near the sea in Santa Barbara. Our office faces tall olive trees on our street with glimpses of the Riviera. We have doves in our neighborhood that are perched on those tree tops that often sing to each other. So, when we are editing your wedding photos that is our view. It's serene and lovely.

Our love of photography and art can be seen and felt by the friendships we create with our clients and the love we bring to each event we take on.

We want to document your wedding because there will never be another one like it. We love capturing the fleeting moments that you don't even know are going happen. It’s a surprise and a gift. It's our passion.

We are humbled our work has been the subject of many articles, photo editorials and educational features. Documenting our clients’ precious moments is an incredible honor. And being able to share those moments with the world compounds our joy!

- Michael + Anna