“now it’s our chance to capture your love story, and it’S a very. big. Deal.”

Founded by award-winning photographers, Michael + Anna Costa in 2005, the Costa's and their CREW of talented professionals are some of the most sought after photographers in California.




We shot our first wedding together over ten years ago.  We were newlyweds ourselves, all-in on love and her stories. With borrowed equipment and the right amount of gumption, we were eager to capture the nuance and narrative of our first clients.  We were hopeful, honored, practiced (if not experienced), and a touch nervous: this was a big deal.

Since that day we’ve shot hundreds of weddings the world over—intimate nuptials, lavish affairs, and everything in between. We’ve learned a lot and we’re confident that our success comes from adamantly holding ourselves to the highest standards in the industry. While a lot has changed since that first shoot, we’re proud that the wonder of it all has stuck with us: now it’s our chance to capture your love story and its still a very. big. Deal.

Thank you for allowing us to be intimately involved in some of your lives’ most sacred moments. We take that honor seriously and can’t wait to preserve these beautiful memories for you and yours.

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Your Moments Captured. Your Dreams Immortalized.