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We have shot across the globe, Cancun to Paris, California to New York. As a team we have presented at various conferences and workshops, including WPPI and PPA, and also completed a 22-city speaking tour sponsored by Fujifilm. Our work has been featured in several photography books as well as almost every major wedding magazine and blog. Some favorites include Huffington Post, Harper's Bazaar, Martha Stewart and over 50 Features on Style Me Pretty (see below for the full list). In addition, our work has won numerous awards including PDN's Top Knots Awards, WPPI Awards Competition, and (AG)WPJA Awards. We are based in Santa Barbara, CA, and travel worldwide.


Graduated with honors from the prestigious Brooks Institute of Photography. Meticulous editing. Understands the technical nitty-gritty. Doesn't miss a shot. Artful and genuine, he's the detail guy-knows where to find them and how to capture them.


Student of the theater. Believes in a good drama and catches the grand design. Artistic storyteller and big-idea creative. She's business savvy and an old friend, the perfect combination when the requirement is professional execution of a custom and personal experience.

And now the REAL story….

MICHAEL loves listening to TED Talks about Futurists and Space. He is very knowledgeable about the natural world and somehow remembers fun facts about all sort of animals and dinosaurs. He is an avid music lover and most recently has discovered Tycho and M83. He is meticulous about his hair cuts. He quotes Wes Andeyrson Movies. He is borderline OCB (Obsessive Compulsive BEHAVIOR). Anna has decided this is a term for people are really OCD but have obsessively figured out a way to rebrand it. He comes up with silly nicknames for everyone in the family. Husk, Potamis. Dr Velvet, Squishy, Goose-a-chon and Corn to name a few (there are easily 50 more). He is a night owl. He enjoys rock climbing and brazilian jiu jitsu if he gets the chance. He loves his family.

ANNA is a closet performing arts nerd. She takes a vocal jazz class ongoing and enjoys the thrill of singing with a live band. She is a great cook and comes up with meal ideas readily. Anna is all about family and loves nothing more than a day at the beach or pool with the kids. After a long day with the kids or after shooting a wedding you can always find her in the bath. Its her happy place.