What to Expect for Your Engagement Session

So you scheduled an engagement sessions. Now what? I mean, what is an "Engagement Session" anyway, really? Is it a session in which you get engaged? Or is that a proposal shoot? What do I wear? Where do we shoot? Why are we doing this anyway!?

Okay, let's all settle down. An "Engagement Session" is a photo shoot with your wedding photographer BEFORE the wedding. The point is two fold. 1. To break the ice with your photographer and see some actual photos of yourself before the big day. That way you can relax and know you will look good! Also, its good to get the deer-in-headlights look out of the way ahead of time as well. And 2. to get some fabulous shots of yourselves before the wedding for various reasons including but not limited to: securing an image for your save the date, getting an image or three for your guest book table and most importantly documenting yourself during this special time NOT in wedding attire. Plus, you'll never really hire a professional photographer again until you have kids so why not document yourself while your still looking pretty decent (and have been hitting the gym a lot to fit into that perfect wedding dress).

Picking a location. Generally speaking your photographer should be able to give you some great options. But overall the location should match your interests and style. For instance if you are into hiking and nature, don't pick the Pier as your location with the idea of feeding each other cotton candy in front of a color carousel. Be yourself. 

Outfits. You need to look the best version of yourself. And it doesn't hurt to have a few options. One that is a bit on the dressier side and one that is on the hip/casual side. Please don't bring ill fitting clothing that shows undergarments or outlines of undergarments. This seems obvious but...just don't. Also, clothing that has stripes or busy patterns can be distracting,. We don't want your clothing to take away from YOU. 

Hair and makeup. Do it. Please. Men, you don't have to. Well, comb your hair. But ladies, a little hair and makeup never hurt anyone! It also isn't a bad idea to do your hair and makeup trial on the same day as your engagement shoot. 

And finally...have fun! Once you show up to the shoot you don't really need to do anything else. We are in charge at that point and will basically have a great time with you and get some great photos at the same time.